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Recipe #3 - London Broil For Cannibals

Here is a recipe that I have been making for years. My mother made it when we were kids, and I remember we always had it with Rice-A-Roni. It's a recipe that is so simple but oh so good, and one of the few things that I will eat as a leftover meal. Be warned, though, the Colucci's eat it BLUE rare. So if you choose to try this recipe (which I hope you do, because it's fantastic), I hope you know how long you'll need to cook it for anything other than blue rare, because I do not. I would say that if you cook this dish anything above medium, I don't care to be friends with you; however, my ex-MIL is pure Southern, so everything is cooked to within an inch of its life, but she served it every Sunday with homemade gravy and rice and I actually loved it.

That is not, however, how I cook mine. You'll start by setting your oven to a high broil and put the oven rack in the top position. Line a pan with foil, and place the roast in the pan. Coat with Kitchen Bouquet. You can get this at any grocery store where the gravy mixes are. They've been making it since Jesus was a boy, and the design on the bottle hasn't changed. I'm not big on change, so this works perfectly for me. Next, coat with Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt, another seasoning that has been around forever, and one that I could literally just eat out of my hand. I've started adding a little extra salt and pepper, since I'm getting to that age where my sense of taste is beginning to fade. #sadclown

Once you have coated and seasoned both sides, place under the broiler. When broiling, you're technically not supposed to close the oven door all the way. As for me, it just depends on my mood. Broil for 2-3 minutes on each side for rare. Again, I like mine reeeeeally rare, so I usually do 2 minutes each side. Always remember, you can always put it back in for an extra minute or two, but once you've overcooked it, you've just wasted $9-12 and I refuse to feel sorry for you.

I grew up eating London Broil with Worcestershire sauce, and I often still do that. I have actually used London Broil instead of a beef tenderloin (which is very expensive) for sliders for dinner parties, and they taste amazing. If you've got a loaf of really good Italian, French, or Sourdough bread and some fresh basil, it also makes a tasty sandwich the next day.

If you're REALLY hardcore, like my father and I, a piece of crusty bread or a dinner roll dipped in the juices is almost as good as dipping a piece of bread in spaghetti sauce. Almost. Hope you enjoy!

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